Ground School

At Fly Robotics, we believe in a two-tiered approach to flight instruction which has resulted in a unique UAS learning experience. The program follows closely with the tried-and-true method of training used in full-scale aviation.

At the core of our curriculum is the Fly Robotics Ground School, an online curriculum library covering topics ranging from the general principles of flight to specific equipment used in UAS operations, and even piloting techniques and important information about the US National Airspace System.

Written by UAS pilots and curated by career educators, the Fly Robotics Ground School is tailored around the Federal Aviation Administration’s recently released regulations surrounding the commercial use of sUAS. This course levels the playing field among pilots of all skill levels, and provides the informational foundation for success.

To see how Fly Robotics can help you get ready for commercial flight, try a free Ground School course, Introduction to Unmanned Systems, and find out why we’re the trusted UAS education partner of some of the nation’s premiere aviation groups.

If you’re flying exclusively for recreation, The Academy of Model Aeronautics has great educational resources for you available free at