About Us

Fly Robotics is a veteran-owned company focused on the right people using the best gear available to provide educational solutions to everyone. Take advantage of our flying experience with more than 10,000 Department of Defense certified UAV hours and 50-plus years of fixed-wing, rotary wing, and multirotor platforms flown in military, recreational, and competitive model aviation including multiple national championships. We use only the finest equipment available and are always available to make suggestions for your success.

Our team consists of multiple unmanned systems subject matter experts and has been instrumental in the development of multiple standards for unmanned systems such as flight controls, ground control stations, ground based sense-and avoid-systems, and communication gear.

To address the national need for adequate instruction, we provide quarterly seminars held nationally. Available at regionally located facilities, taught by instructors with more than 50 years of education experience, and multiple successful applications of all sUAS platforms, participation will assure that you or your staff is trained on the most effective combination of platform, software, and telemetry that meets your specific needs.